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this morning, new week, same attacks. >> mitt romney under growing pressure from fellow republicans as democrats launch a new ad about the 47% in key battleground states, but with weeks still to go, already talk about 26 and a clinton candidacy. breaking news, scorching temperatures in the west, hundreds of homes threatened right now. the grab, sure to heat up sports radio. patriots head coach bill belichick touching a referee. and homeland is a home run at the emmys. the thriller with "mad men" as best drama, while "modern
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family" keeps its comedy streak alive. good morning, i'm t.j. winick in for rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. the romney campaign reboots after mounting criticism from republicans that he's moving in the wrong direction. >> that's right, romney vows to spend more time with voters and less time raising money. abc's tahman bradley is following the campaign with just 43 days to go. >> reporter: mitt romney continues his battleground state tour in colorado today as he tries to rebound from a difficult week. national polls show the white house race tight, in the battleground states will decide the election. last night in denver, romney slammed the president's record. >> it's very clear we can't afford four more years like the last four years, that's why we're going to get change finally to what the people of washington deserve. >> reporter: romney headed for the bus tour will be greeted by
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a new ad for saying 47% of americans are gent on the government and view themselves as victims. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> doesn't have the president have to worry about everyone? >> reporter: even after the campaign steps up efforts in bags ground states some in romney's own party worry the race is slipping away. >> their core problem is the inability to focus on their own essential meaning. >> reporter: president obama will be in new york today and tomorrow for the general assembly. last night on "60 minutes," mr. obama said his biggest disappointment is he hasn't changed the climate in washington. >> i'm hoping after the smoke is clear, the spirit of cooperation comes more to the front. >> president also shot back after the criticism that he's not coming up against iran.
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>> tahman bradley in washington. thank you. and looking way ahead to the 2016 election, there's growing speculation that hillary clinton may want to run again. even her own husband is not sure about his wife's intention, but he is sure that she would make a great candidate. >> i just don't know. she's an extraordinarily able person. i've never met anybody that i thought was a better public servant. but i have no earthly idea what she'll decide to do. >> after four years of being secretary of state, clinton says his wife may want to take some time off and read a book or two. president obama and about 120 heads of state gather in new york for the general assembly. among those present will be mahmoud ahmadinejad and benjamin netanyahu.
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and the prince is amongst the rising tensions. and millions demonstrating against the u.s. and that controversial film. a $100,000 bounty for anyone who killed the filmmaker but distancing themselves saying it does not represent the official policy. and ms. breaking news at home. at least 300 wildfires burning. one is threatening homes in riverside county. another fire that torched a handful of homes is putting 80 others in the danger. and a break in the weather is helping firefighters with fires in washington state. the smoke so bad, it's affecting air quality as far away as colorado. showers in the rockies from utah down to new mexico. thunderstorms move in tonight from omaha to kansas city and
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st. louis. heavy rain around miami and ft. lauderdale and west palm beach. it's chilly in the carolinas. 60s from chicago to new york. 70s in the central plains, 101 in phoenix. and hollywood's hottest stars turned out for the emmy awards last night. and an evening filled with favoritend and quite a few upsets. >> that's right. top dramas went to "homeland." abc's brandi hitt has the highlights. >> reporter: the prime time emmy awards was a star studded night. filled with surprises. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: jon cryer couldn't believe he won best actor in a comedy, while julia dreyfuss won best actress. julie bowen and eric stonestreet won their second emmys for their
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supporting roles. >> i never knew i'd be on tv as a gay man. >> reporter: even host jimmy kimmel provided plenty of laughs. >> i don't think the president should be watching "homeland" for the same reason i don't think charlie sheen should be watching "breaking bad." >> reporter: breaking bad aaron paul won best supporting actor. but it was homeland's night. claire danes for best actress. >> i'm so grateful, thank you. >> reporter: many of hollywood's silver screen stars were dominated in for their work in a television miniseries or movies. >> i'd like to thank you for this. and also putting in the company of wonderful actress and so admired. >> reporter: the award for best drama -- >> -- goes to "homeland." >> reporter: the award for best comedy went to -- >> "modern family."
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>> reporter: so you can see it was a big night for both "modern family" and "homeland." homeland's victory means that "mat men" will not be making history in the best drama category. >> and we'll be going over the fashions in "the pulse." when we come back, an important recall to tell you about before you make your next peanut butter and jelly. and then workers riot at a controversial plant that have the hottest tech gadgets in the anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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welcome back, everyone. faxcon technology has closed a
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factory in northern china after a brawl involving 2,000 worker s there are reports that the company makes covers. and there's no word what started the fight. foxconhas come under fire that. well, that could make the iphone 5 even scarcer, apple phones are out of the stores after the first weekend of sales. iphone 5 is still available on apple's went site but not for immediate delivery. but the verizon version may deem popularity. it turns out it will also work on at&t if you swap sim card chips. that means verizon customers can switch to at&t when their contracts are up. well, gas prices are coming
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down, the national average is now $3.81 a gallon. that's a nickel less than a week ago or more than a month or this time last fall. you can thank crude prices and less demand for gas now that summer is over. and trader joe's is recalling peanut butter. 29 cases in 18 states may be related but we should tell you there are no reports of creamy salted valencia peanut butter. most of the people who got sick were under the age of 18. trader joe's is offering refunds. at the box office it was a virtual tie with two films with the words "end" at the end of the film. a horror film each took in $13 million. and right behind clint eastwood's "trouble with the curve" with $12.7 million. when we come back, why did
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but i thought it would cost more. turns out it's covered by my insurance plan. thanks to flexpen, vial and syringe are just a memory. ask your doctor about novolog mix 70/30 flexpen, covered by 90% of insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay at so wasn't you to take a look at this stunning incident from a busy road in russia. watch as the truck swerves on to the oncoming traffic and is hit by another truck. the collision sends the driver through the windshield and out on to the road. the guy seems fine, maybe a little shaken up. but none the worse for wear. as we said, stunning. >> i'm speechless. he just walks away from that accident. >> very lucky. very lucky. now for a look at morning road conditions going to be a wet commute around south florida, the keys and miami.
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late-day hour tos in the midday in st. louis and the rockies. >> looks like a good day for flying. only weather-reported delays expected in miami. a sad turn of events at the national zoo. just a week after its surprise birth, a giant panda cub has suddenly died. >> yeah, zookeepers rushed to the exhibit after the mother may a distress call. its heart had stopped. they were trying to revive the cub but it was too late. >> this is devastating. this is devastating for all of us here. it's hard to describe how much passion and energy and thought and care has gone into this. >> the cub was conceived through artificial insemination after its mother had five failed pregnancies. it showed no obvious signs of trauma or infection. we could get preliminary results
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on the death as early as today. green day front man billie joe armstrong is headed to rehab. when armstrong launched into an expletive rant. he felt the band was being cut. the band says he's getting treatment for substance abuse. and the paparazzi who allegedly chased justin bieber at high speeds in los angeles appears in court today. the photographer is being arraigned over california's tough new paparazzi laws. he could face a year in jail and a hefty fine if convicted. well, the country's top pediatricians are once again sounding the alarm on home trampolines. the american academy of pediatrics discouraged the use of recreational trampoline use. figures from 2009 showed trampoline injuries resulted in
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more than 3,000 homgss. the nfl wraps up tonight with the green bay packers in seattle to take on the seahawks. we get hments from yesterday's games, courtesy of espn. i'm jade mccarthy with your "sportscenter" update. patriots and ravens both trying to stay above .500. tori smith after losing his brother friday night in a motorcycle accident. joe flacco finds smith. smith aexz second touchdown, what a performance. two seconds left, ravens down two. justin tucker with a chance to win it. 27-yard field goal. they say it's good. vince wilfork can't believe it. take another look. bill belichick, contact made with the officials. ray lewis and smith embrace. ravens win this 31-30. drew brees and the saints
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for the first win. trailing by 18 points in the third. jamaal charles, 91 yards for the touchdown. all the way down the line. the lead cut 24-13 now. that was the longest run in saints history. under ten seconds in the fourth. saints down 3. ryan connects on the 43-yard field goal. we got a tie game at 24-24. we're headed into overtime. the chance to win it. the 31-yarder is good. the saints with an 18-point lead and they are still winless. that it is for us. we hope you have a great day. >> saints are 0-3. only the eighth time in nfl history the teams won the previous season and gone on to start 0-3. >> they didn't exactly have a
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great off-season. >> no they didn't. you saw patriots head coach bill belichick make contact with that replacement official after his team lost to baltimore. belichick says he doesn't expect to be fined but that's unusually nfl policy. the league and the referees' union met yesterday. no word on resolving the lockout. the players union did file a grievance with the owners over the weekend as well, citing that their help is in jeopardy. and it could be a violation of their cba. collective bargaining agreement. >> the games are becoming -- you know, it's been a free for all. i think last night was an example of it. it goes both ways. >> coming from a patriots fan. up next, "the pulse." and re views coming in for first-time emmy host jimmy coming. and the fashions. we'll see who really sizzled on the red carpet. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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time to check "the pulse." emmy moments that you'll be talking about today the winners and the losers. people are talking about first-time host jimmy kimmel. one reviewer said that kimmel seemed to be having fun. >> yeah, he actually kicked off the moment with a funny moment, nominated actresses. and said he had a bad reaction of botox and couldn't take the stage, but, of course, he did. >> if those of you are trying to remember what goes on off the stage, try to remember all the
4:23 am
stars in one room looking at their phones and ignoring each other. >> kimmel saw his parents who we just saw lied when they told him he could do anything. he kicked his parents out of the theater. i was wondering if he ever let them back in. >> apparently not. >> apparently. no pun intended there. >> and a touching moment as michael j. fox presented the last award of the nice. >> that's right, fox got a standing ovation when he gave out the award for outstanding comedy award for mch "modern family" for the third year in a road. >> we all thought that laughter is the best medicine. $38 a share, one of those is true. >> maybe fox will be back with a comedy winner. he is coming back with a series
4:24 am
that deals with a dad dealing with parkinson's disease. it was an incredible night, i just told you how the ladies looked. it was 120 degrees as stars tried to keep their cool. yes, 120. heidi klum, here she is in a gorgeous seafoam number, plunging beads from just about every angle. >> and sofia vergara, what more is there to say? stunning in this revealing teal gown. >> teal, and it is revealing. but it was this christian dior creation that had everybody talking, julianne moore because of the unusual color and she managed to pull it off. yellow was the hot color there. >> for some of you your local news is next. >> for everybody else, we'll be
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back with arnold schwarzenegger total recall. what he reveals in a tell-all book. when it comes to toilet paper, there's no such thing as too soft. i know what i like. i like feeling both clean and pampered. why should i compromise? quilted northern ultra plush®, with the innerlux layer. for a comfortable, confident clean, or your money back.
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♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] tums freshers. updating the top stories. two new wildfires are burning out of control in southern california. 200 homes are in danger in riverside county. the other fire enengulfed 400 homes in san diego county. it's threatening dozens more. and to mounting criticism to win his own party, the romney campaign changing strategy. romney is going to spend more time with the voters and less time raising money. and the mirror ball is up for grabs as "dancing with the stars" kicks off tonight with the all-star version. six former champs among the stars coming back. rain in south florida, a chilly morning from the carolinas to the great lakes. omaha to st. louis. heating up in texas, showers in the rockies. finally this morning, open book. arnold schwarzenegger is sharing his side of the story in a new
4:28 am
juicy salacious tell-all. >> just what we wanted. the infidelity, the breakup and the shame all spelled out in the memoir. >> if my life was a movie, no one would believe it. >> reporter: the terminator and former governator, arnold schwarzenegger is back. making scandalous headlines again. this time coming out in the book "total recall: my unbelievablile relife story." he opens up about how maria shriver confronted him about fathering a baby. >> the therapist turned to me and said, maria wanted to come here today and to ask about a child, fathering a child with the housekeeper middle dress. caught off guard, schwarzenegger argued it's true.
4:29 am
>> he fathered a child with a member of the household staff more than ten years ago. >> reporter: rocking the 25-year marriage of the political powerhouse couple. many read between the lines when shiver appeared on the oprah show. >> given me love, wisdom and the truth. >> reporter: as for honesty, schwarzenegger writes that he hid the truth out of barsment, a compulsion for secrecy and not wants to tell the family and fans. schwarzenegger believed he, quote, could get away with ignoring the rules. but in true with hollywood fashion, he wants to get back together with shriver. his tell-all book will hit stores october 1st. the same day arnold schwarzenegger will appear on "good morning americgma.abcnew m >> m

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